Dr. Markus Pfaffinger
Business Development Manager

Dr. Markus Pfaffinger has studied Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien). Afterwards he was project assistant at the Institute of Materials Science and Technologies of TU Wien and received a doctor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering for his work about the lithography-based additive manufacturing of ceramics. Since 2017 he works at Cubicure GmbH and is responsible for business development. The Start-up Cubicure GmbH was founded in 2015 and developed a new and innovative 3D-printing process, called “Hot Lithography”. Besides offering an own stereolithography 3D-printer, Cubicure excels in its material development competence. Newly developed photopolymers ensure good thermo-mechanical, thermoplast-like material properties to ensure direct functional part fabrication. By using Hot Lithography, the light based additive manufacturing of plastics has evolved from a prototyping tool to a powerful (mass)production process, enabling the manufacturing of high-performance plastics with excellent surface quality and good material properties. This breakthrough in additive manufacturing unlocks tremendous time and cost saving potential in part development and transition to series production processes.