Anna-Elisabeth Kreuder
Reasearch & Development

Anna Kreuder develops a model of the human placenta for substance testing. The spatial cell arrangement plays a key role in keeping their natural function, but until a short time ago it was difficult to reproducibly create well defined organ models.
And that’s how the idea of Cellbricks was born.

Cellbricks’ novel technology enables scientists to print living tissue, like mini organs, in a fast, highly resolved and easy to upscale manner.

As three dimensional organization of cells is essential for the natural cell function, the Cellbricks technology is the key to improve cosmetics and pharmaceuthical substance testing, as well as biological research in general.

The outstanding abilities of the bioprinter system include a high printing speed, the combination of several materials in a continuous print and a printing area easy to upscale. The technology even allows for printing a highly defined vascular bed in big volumes – indicating the way on how to print whole organs in the future.

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