Alexander Thomas
Bioprinting Scientist
Cellbricks GmbH

Alexander Thomas studied biotechnology at Berlin University of Technology and concluded as a degreed engineer. During his studies, he worked in the Department of Medical Biotechnology and was active in the field of Tissue Engineering and Microfluidics. Intermittently, he spent 6 months in Lund (Sweden) to conduct a scientific research project in regenerative neurology. Back in Berlin, he degreed with his diploma thesis in the context of creating artificial hair follicles. During his time at the department, Mr Thomas made contact with Dr. Lutz Kloke and his work on developing a bioprinter. Mr Thomas joined the EXIST-funded project Cellbricks that was based on Dr. Kloke’s PhD to further evolve and commercialise the bioprinting platform. After co-founding the equally-named company, Mr Thomas continues to be deeply involved in R&D at Cellbricks GmbH to translate the possibilities of 3D-bioprinting into scientific reality.