Already widely used in the plastics industry, 3D printers that use metal are now becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for industrial applications. Thanks to a steadily growing range of suitable metals and alloys, this type of 3D printing supports the quick and cost-effective production of components with complex geometries that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to produce using conventional methods. GEFERTEC is unveiling GTarc at EMO Hannover 2017, a 3D printer that uses the new 3DMP (3D Metal Print) process.

According to the manufacturer, the innovative 3DMP process is a low-cost, fast means of producing metal blanks that require very little finishing work and exhibit similar quality standards to workpieces manufactured using conventional techniques. Unlike other processes, 3DMP is based on arc welding, with the printing material taking the form of wire instead of the powder normally used. This new method combines a whole host of benefits. For example, companies can avoid all the difficulties associated with handling powders. What’s more, the wires used in the process are already available in a wide range of variants, are cheaper than powder and, with a build-up rate of 600 cubic centimeter per hour, are more efficient than powder, too.


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